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Crystal Andrus Morissette has been empowering women for over 30 years through her training, books, coaching + coaching institute, courses, magazine, retreats, workshops, business transformation programs, TV shows, interviews, and her monthly podcast, "Chat with Crystal." 

Crystal is MOST EXCITED to invite you to join her weekly Simply...Woman Workout LIVE in person or on Zoom.

Her work has been featured on, the New York Post, and the UK Daily Mail, just to name a few. Crystal would love to work with you!





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From a turbulent and painful life growing up to coaching A-List celebrities, from having abs of steel and the Miss Galaxy to weighing over 200 pounds after having babies, Emotional Age and Communication Expert, Crystal Andrus Morissette is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. Now, in her fifties, Crystal is able to reflect on her success and struggles, and can help you, too, realize what your greatest joys are, and how to create more of them in your life!

A five-time international best-selling author, she's a media darling -- featured numerous times on (take her Emotional Age Quiz right now on ), the New York Post, Fox TV, the Daily Mail, CBS TV, CBS Radio, CBC Radio, CTV, CityTV, Canada AM, Breakfast TV, Global TV, Slice TV, the Globe and Mail, Woman's World, Sirrus Satellite, Hay House Radio, the Toronto Star, and many more; three of her episodes on the international hit TV show "X-Weighted" won Geminis. 

Crystal is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) -- an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women in over 45 countries. The S.W.A.T. Institute is rated #1 on Google globally for "empowerment coaching". Crystal is also certified in nutrition, sports medicine, and yoga.

On a more personal note, she's the mother to two gorgeous women -- Madelaine & Julia Dantas -- STARS in their own making! And she's married to her love, Aaron James Morissette. They live in Southern Ontario, Canada with their white fluffy dog, a kitty, and a flock of singing canaries!


For Crystal's full Press Kit, including images, bio, and media questions, click here!

Who is Crystal?

Arielle Ford,

Self-Help Guru

"Crystal Andrus Morissette brilliantly explains how our attempts to bottle up feelings of shame, guilt, blame, denial, fear, and anger trigger us to contract into the smallness of who we become when we aren’t our authentic Self."

Crystal has hundreds of testimonials. Here are just a few . . . 

Joan Borysenko. PhD, Trauma Expert

"Crystal Andrus Morissette delivers insight and interventions that are more than simply helpful; they are life-changing in their clarity and wisdom--a wake-up for infinite impossibilities."

Silken Laumann, 4x Olympic Champion

 ​​​​​​​"I have done a significant amount of personal work and extensive education in personal development. Crystal Andrus Morissette's work on Emotional Age is some of the best I've ever seen."

Where Crystal Andrus Morissette Has Been Featured

Some of where Crystal has been featured....

For the first time in over 10 years...

Crystal's Yoga is Back

For a beautiful winter series beginning in 2024!

In person at the Greenbank Hall + online via Zoom

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