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You are ready to break free...

Ready to break the chains of fear, playing smaller than you want to play, wondering what else, what could be, what if?

You are ready to gather weekly with a group of soul supporters;

 women who have come together with you, in this exact time and place, this precise space...

You know you are stronger together...

Stronger with other siSTARs ...

Other Simply Woman Superstars who are also ready to SOAR...

To defy the odds

To lift-off

Let go


You are ready to

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Discover and remove your false limitations, expand your consciousness, and step into your Woman Energy in every area of your life, along with Crystal and other women from the retreat who you can trust, believe, be yourself and remove your masks with, tell the truth to, get the facts, improve, belong, move through fear in a healthy way, be your greatest Self while facing your not-so-great self, remove the shackles, forget blame, forget shame, forget all the naysayers.

Rock your world! Shine bright! Be powerful! Be love! Be fierce! Be YOU!


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Over the next eight months, we are birthing a new version of ourselves; one where we:

  • have released habits that no longer serve us
  • learned how to feel the emotion behind physical pain and heal it (this is going to take some physical and emotional work)
  • realized where we feel powerless versus the places we feel powerful and have processes to deal with our feelings of unsafety, uncertainty, and anxiety
  • let ourselves be fully seen by women who want to help us shine brighter
  • are continuing to develop our communication, negotiation, and strategizing skills
  • are increasing our confidence
  • going for gold
  • expanding our consciousness
  • living in abundance
  • feeling beautiful, proud, and dignified (even in our darkest moments which, guaranteed, will become less and less)
  • increasing our bottom line -- making more money or reducing expenses. Either way, we're finding financial freedom
  • mapping out the path to our pot of gold -- however that gold may look to us
  • trusting each other
  • healing any old story that is f*cking with our shine
  • trusting in life
  • accessing the flow
  • making more than enough money to feel secure, safe, and independent
  • letting go of labels and false pride
  • telling ourselves the truth. for real. (the truth will set us free)
  • increasing our intuition
  • connecting with the other side for insight, information, and guidance
  • feeling our energy vibrating faster and shifting higher
  • feeling joy, purpose, passion
  • feeling like a Woman -- not a mother, not a child
  • letting go of the chains and bondage of this Earth (necessary for expansion)
  • accessing our creative genius
  • learning how to network properly
  • surrounding ourselves with powerful women
  • turning our inner light up so bright and beautiful

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We believe in expansion.

We believe that we're getting smarter, wiser, faster, lighter, happier, more courageous, calm and free.

We believe we're clearer, bolder, and we're ready to shine brighter.

We know this is our time.

We know we are Simply...Woman!

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“As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats.” 

~ John F Kennedy

Jim Rohn’s famous quote that “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with” echoes JFK’s line that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Athletes “play up” to stronger competition and “play down” to weaker competition. That's just a well-known fact. We conform to the company we keep which is why our Simply Woman Superstar Master Mind Group lets you create that company deliberately. 

We get started the week of November 16th, just after we get home from the retreat with our first Simply Woman Superstar Master Mind Group (SWS MMG). We will carry on weekly for the next eight months with a grand finale celebration back at Crystal's home & retreat center on Saturday, July 18th. 

You, Crystal, and the other SWS MMG participants will connect for 75-minutes by phone every week. These mastermind sessions are laser-focused, led by Crystal, and designed to give you maximum brainstorming, solutions, and accountability. They are also recorded for you to listen back to.

This allows you to actually have "many brains" concentrated on YOU, offering you wisdom, support, encouragement, connection, insight, love, advice, solutions, takeaways, and next steps, not to mention a whole wallop of positive energy! Birds of a feather flock together, and we're here to help you SOAR!

This is the power of the group. It's called Synergy — which means our collective energy is far more powerful than the sum energy of us each individually. I call this our Simply Woman Superstar Synergy!

The collective brainpower of the group — otherwise known as a “mastermind” — is turned towards a single problem. A mastermind group can solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in a way that an individual person can’t. It is based on the simple premise that a whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. It also means others holding you accountable to your dreams, goals, and desires!

Depending on how many SWS' join our MMG, each week, two to three of you are in the spotlight. You will each have 20 minutes all to yourself, with all eyes, ears, hearts, minds, energy and willingness focused on you! Crystal will be on every call. The next week, we will open up with 5 minutes for each of you to update us, then our next two SWS take the hot seat and we spotlight them; 20 minutes each of open, honest, and vulnerable sharing.

Crystal recommends you take the first 25-30% of your session to explain either the opportunity or struggle you're facing. The group then has a few minutes to ask questions. Then, the final half of the call is focused on finding you the right answer, making sure you're clear on your next steps.

Crystal feels choosing one of two themes when it's your time to share is ideal. Although we will have eight months to work on creating many opportunities in your life and business, sometimes it's a struggle you're facing that needs to be addressed, first. Crystal thinks you're wiser to focus on one of these at a time: opportunity or problem.  

You will also get to be "in the vault" with Crystal, her business, personal life, goals and dreams, as she opens up in a way she never has before. She is trusting you with her insider-information, as you are trusting her with yours. You will see first-hand how she moves so easily through struggles, how real and authentic she is, and how she continues to turn everything she touches into gold! She'll help you access that same level of consciousness. What goes on in our SWS MMG sessions stays in our group.

This is the sisterhood you've always dreamed of. This is the business coaching you've always needed. This is the spiritual growth you've always wanted. This is a high-level, almost secret-world, where you get to learn the truths and mindset of some of the most powerful women while shifting your own light higher, brighter, and bolder.

Nothing is off-limits, no topic is too heavy or too light, no problem is unfixable. Everything can be figured out. But it is highly-confidential and you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  

This is your time to thrive. To let go of the old. To step into your greatness. To do it with soul siSTARs who have your back and who can count on you to have theirs. This is better than friendship. Better than therapy. Better than business coaching or courses, or anything you've ever done to date.

          This is your time to levitate!

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Having our weekly Master Mind Group calls is the foundation of our LEVITATE program. And trust us, even on weeks that you're not sharing, you will walk away with, discover, release, and feel so unbelievably powerful. Wise. Connected. Alive. These calls are priceless.

But Crystal knows that in order to LEVITATE, we have to completely immerse ourselves in high-resonating energy and that means what we listen to, read, and talk about matters. It means how we move our bodies, what we think, eat, drink, and say determines our vibrational frequency. It also means dealing with our Shadow, facing our demons, fears, and sabotaging behaviors. Moving beyond resentment, pettiness, judgment, and righteousness. It means having better tools and skills to step up, have limitless confidence, and a presence of power, high-energy and light.

It means our inner frequency must rise, uplift, let go, shift, and surrender to our greatness. And that takes effort...

Conscious Effort

To help you with this, Crystal has recorded many guided meditations and will continue to share them with you every few days, as well as providing some FB live guided meditations. She feels if you're not able to meditate daily -- for even just 10 minutes, you are robbing yourself of accessing the highest levels of consciousness. She will guide you through different forms of meditation, breathing techniques, visions, stories, and vibrational frequencies all designed to heal your body, heart, and mind, to remove obstacles, and to sustain you in your Woman Energy. She will help you look deeply at your beliefs around money, fame, fortune, love, attention, intimacy and the knowingness that you are powerful beyond measure.

Crystal will also choose four books that over the next eight months, you will read and discuss together. You will be guided to look at your environment to see where you can shift the energy higher, brighter, lighter, and to make it more beautiful. Creative Energy flows when we create the space for it! 

You will join our private Facebook group where you will forge a deep connection with each other and have full access to Crystal's FB Lives, Guided Meditations, Exercises, Recipes, Yoga poses including some SWAY classes, homework suggestions, and other special treats all created specifically for this group. You will get the best of the best of Crystal ... and her family.

That's right. Even Madelaine and Julia will also offer beauty, health and wellness tips including discounts to some great products. 

Finally, you will receive 2 x one-on-one private coaching calls with Crystal to discuss whatever you need to focus on.

We got you covered. 

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  • 30 x Master Mind Group Calls 

  • 2 x one-on-one Coaching Calls with Crystal 

  • Private Facebook Group for SWS MMG participants only

  • Meditation Accountability Check-ins + Special Guided Meditations from Crystal designed to heal your body, reduce pain, shift your mindset, release resentments, find peace, and rock your world

  • Exercise, yoga, and nutrition check-ins from Crystal, Madelaine and our other Super Woman Superstars

  • Beauty tips from Julia Dantas and special discounts to products

  • Financial and Business Advice from Crystal

  • Crystal’s Book Club – Crystal will choose four of her most favorite books to read together and discuss

  • Graduation Day back at Crystal’s Home on Saturday, July 18th, 2020

  • SWAY yoga class with Crystal -- bongos with Aaron

  • Delicious food and conversations

  • Makeup and Hair by Julia Dantas

  • Individual Photoshoot with a top Toronto Photographer

  • Your five favorite retouched images

  • Simply Woman Superstar Group Photoshoot

  • Simply Woman Superstar Group Photo
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After eight months of our weekly MMG brainstorming, inspiration, information, education, and accountability sessions, we're inviting you back again to Crystal's home, where we will prepare for you a magical "graduation" day; lots of delicious, nutritious, healthy food, fun, amazing heart-centered talks with your other Simply Woman Superstars, a SWAY (Simply Woman Accredited Yoga) class taught by Crystal, including bongos with her husband, Aaron.

But wait, that's not all . . . 

You'll then have your makeup and hair done by Crystal's youngest daughter, Julia Dantas #GlamMaster, along with five, stunning, retouched images of you to use for your WORLD from a top Toronto photographer, who's been featured in magazines.

Plus, a group photo with your other Simply Woman SuperStars!

You are going to be AMAZED at how gorgeous, grounded, and fantastic you look and feel. Nine months of magic will be revealed!

We got you!


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Maia Flore ~ Artist

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We will begin our first SWS MMG session the week of November 23rd, 2019. Once everyone who wants to join has joined, we'll decide on days and times that work best for the group. Remember, where there's a will, there's a way!

An eighth-month Master Mind Group such as our could easily sell for $15,000 - $20,000 but we wanted to make this as doable and feasible as possible.

We have priced it at $8,897 CDN  ~  $6,750 USD

But wait...

Let us remind you if you sign up for our SWS MMG, we'll refund the cost of your

November 9th - Simply Woman Superstar Retreat = $8,897 - $997 =

$7,900 CDN ~ $5,996 USD

Pay either $987 CDN ~ $747 USD x 8 monthly payments


$219 CDN ~ $166 USD x 36 weekly payments

But wait again! If you can pay in full, we'll save you an additional $1,000 CDN ~ $755 USD

That's right >>>> or Pay in Full for only $6,900 CDN ~ $5,240 USD

Decide on WHICH PAYMENT OPTION below by clicking on one box, read over the terms and conditions on the buying page, and then put in your payment details. We will then forward you our SWS MMG Non-Disclosure Agreement for you to sign and send back.

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